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CrossFit is for EVERYONE! You do NOT have to be fit, young, or lean to participate in CrossFit training.  Every workout is modifiable. When you first come in, you’ll spend the first several weeks working one-on-one with one of the coaches learning technique and fundamentals. 

Have a pre-existing injury? No problem. We can program workouts suited to your needs. 


iGone has turned into quite the little family. There is always a sense of support and encouragement. This is not something I expected to like or even partake in considering when I used to be in ‘regular’ gym the last thing I could/would tolerate was people ‘liming’ and trying to engage me in conversation when trying to pump out some bicep curls. But when the clock is counting down and you think your energy level is at zero and the encouragement you get from the rest of the class to push through and get just “one” more rep, it’s a great sensation and welcomed feeling.

Levi Snagg

May marks my 9th month at IgoneCrossfit, I’m 17 pounds down and stronger than I’ve ever been. The coaches are extremely helpful, motivating and willing to work with you to your  end goal. Motivated by results, gym time is now the best part of my day!

Ariel Hosam

“igoneCrossFit is challenging and encouraging. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and the atmosphere is fun and friendly!

Natasha Cletus

“Healthy People, Happy People

igoneCrossFit is a challenging, yet encouraging fitness program. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the atmosphere is fun and friendly.”

Anonymous Happy Client


Get Bigger.Get Stronger


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