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iGone CrossFit


IgoneFitness was founded in April 2016 as a multi-faceted fitness center that incorporates functional movements, powerlifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics to produce a full body workout within each session. Today, IgoneFitness has affiliated to “IgoneCrossFit,” still functioning as a multi-faceted fitness center, however, now incorporating the international trending sport of CrossFit.

Our mission is to break down fitness barriers by ensuring each ​athlete receives proper training on technique, points of performance and fundamentals in each movement performed within the gym. By establishing a strong understanding of each exercise, as well as community spirit, we aim to improve mental, physical and social well being.

Not only do we provide clients with elite CrossFit workouts, we offer personal training, exclusive coaching, kids and teen packages. These options focus on combining health and nutrition to compliment each athlete’s daily regiment. Instituting a fitness methodology that’s sustainable for long-term health benefits, mobility, confidence and community will enable members to achieve real world objectives with the support of a qualified, well-experienced team.




‘Igone’s garage gym, also referred to as a “Crossfit Box,” is conveniently located in the heart of town. Our facilities’ front door is accessible from #15 Bombay Street, St. James and our back entrance with car park is located on the parallel up road, Mooneram Street. We have a kid’s room for members to use free of charge. Games, puzzles and costumes keep kids occupied while you’re working on the floor. Our retail center also supplies members with igone gear, wrist wraps, tape, water, powerade, protein bars and supplements.


Get Bigger.Get Stronger


Gym Hours

Monday - Thursday: 6am - 8.30am | 2pm - 8.30pm

Friday: 6am - 8.30am | 2pm - 6.30pm

Saturday: 8am - 10am