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CrossFit sessions are an hour long class period. Each session is comprised of a warm up, skill and WOD. The warm up is generally metabolic conditioning to get your heart rate going, stretching specific parts of your body that will be used in the skill and in the workout. The skill is conventionally the strength portion of the class session. This includes, but is not limited to: Deadlifts, Squats, Shoulder to Overhead, Cleans and Snatches. The “WOD” is your Workout of the Day. It’s a combination of gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic lifting and sport training. The workout can range anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes, it’s different everytime! Expect the unknown.

PERSONAL training

Personal Training is offered to those who desire a one-on-one session. The class is one hour in length and includes health and nutrition tips, an initial assessment which incorporates a standard fitness test, Q&A on goals, a timeline, any pre-existing injuries and a plan for the next month. Based on what your goals are, your coach will design a custom made programme to meet your fitness needs.

KIDS/Teens training

The kids and teens programme is structured in the same layout as the general Crossfit classes, however the classes are scaled to the designated age and fitness capacity of the youth. Baby Beasts, ages 7-11 do all functional movements, very light dumbbell weights are implemented when the coach feels they are physically and mentally ready. The teens, ages 12 to 18 are introduced to the foundational movements and use all formal equipment once they have graduated from the introductory classes (held alongside the general teen session) and the coach knows they are ready. 

Your First Class is FREE

There is absolutely no harm in trying a class, your first experience is on US! 

All you have to do is show up! Choose ANY of our scheduled classes, arrive 15 minutes early, fill out the waiver and create a short profile. You will then be introduced to all the coaches who will explain how the class works.

Each class is comprised of a warm up, skill and Wod. Your warm up is metabolic conditioning to hear your heart rate going and your body nice and warm. The skill is usually the strength portion of the class. If you are an intro, you would be separated from the general session at this point to learn he basics. 

The ‘wod’ is your Workout of the Day. Oh and did we mention it’s different every day! The idea behind Crossfit is to prepare your body for the unknown. The workout could be anywhere from 3 To 30 minutes long. The textbook definition of a Wod I s -constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. It’s a mix of gymnastics, power lifting, Olympic lifting and sport training.


Can Anyone do Crossfit?

YES! You are never too old or too unfit to try Crossfit. We have ‘Baby Beast’ classes starting from age 7. We’ve also had members 60 plus! .

What if you have a pre-existing injury?

No Problem! One of the first questions we ask is if you have any pre-existing injuries or health problems. We can modify and scale any workout based on your limitations.

Will I get bulky?

We hear this all the time, usually from woman thinking Crossfit will change their body into a body building physique. NO, it won’t! It takes an extreme amount of discipline to achieve such large muscle definition.

Is it safe for my kids to do?

Absolutely! We have a highly trained CrossFit Kids Coach who breaks down the workouts for our kids and teen program. ‘Baby Beasts,’ ages 7-12 learn the basic foundational movements strictly through body weight exercises and light dumbbell work. Barbell training, which includes Olympic lifts and power lifts  is not integrated until they graduate to the teen classes.

Can I do CrossFit if I’m pregnant or postpartum?

Yes and Yes, however you need clearance from your physician first. We’ve had many athletes continue training up to a certain point in their pregnancy. We’ve also had clients return as early as 6 weeks postpartum, with permission from their doctor.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Like any sport, yes Crossfit can be dangerous. If you go into any gym without knowing the proper mechanics of how to lift weights, you could damage yourself. IgoneCrossFit has some of the best coaches in the country. When you first come in, you are separated from the general session. You work directly with one of the coaches to break down the 9 fundamental movements. This ensures you know your stance, grip, alligment and posture for all the lifts performed on the floor. We take safety very seriously and will not allow people to add weight if their technique is not adequate enough for the lift.


Get Bigger.Get Stronger


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